Lakeville Girl Scouts

Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys


For 2020 we have the same baker, ABC. We will have the same cookie line up, and this is the last year for the Thanks A Lot cookie. 

New Award program for Girls in 2020

For the 2020 cookie season, girls can earn expert entrepreneur charms for selling cookies in a variety of ways. More information about this program and online reporting forms are coming soon. The requirements for each of the charms are as follows:

  • Online Charm – Girls will send 15 emails with their e-card through their Smart Cookies account. Links to girl accounts in Smart Cookies will be sent via email on February 3. At that time, girls can start setting up their Smart Cookies address books and accounts. Please note that no emails can be sent until Go Day on February 15. This will be tracked in Smart Cookies.
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Charm – Girls will format their sales pitch to be directed towards a business. This charm is awarded to girls who successfully complete one B2B sale.
  • Workplace Charm – Girls will expand their book of business to their families’ workplaces. Girls will create a personal statement to go with their order card and be asked what they did to lead this sale.
  • Door-to-Door (D2D) Charm – D2D sales are the foundation of the Cookie Program and a standard sales technique for many professions. To earn this charm, girls will go door-to-door at least three times during the cookie season. On their first trip, girls are encouraged to go to houses on their block or close by. On their second trip, girls should stretch their reach to other parts of their neighborhood. For their third, girls can follow up with previous customers. They can ask how they liked their purchase, if they would like to make another, and thank them for their business.
  • Donation Charm – This charm will be awarded to girls who sell more than eight packages through either of the donation programs. This will be tracked in Smart Cookies. See the Donations section of the Smart Cookies Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to record donations in Smart Cookies.

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