Lakeville Girl Scouts

Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys

Lakeville City Wide Clean Up 2021

Want to be a part of something big? 

Want to do something to help the earth? 

Join us for our Earth Day tradition of cleaning up debris from the City’s trails, roadways, parks, and waterways at the annual 

Watershed Cleanup Day and Earth Day celebration. 

Your Watershed Cleanup Day Update is here! We have altered our processes for this event, but we are pleased to announce that we have found a way to have our beloved Watershed Cleanup Day event.

The event will run from April 17 through April 25. We are not assigning routes as we have in the past; instead you can pick up your desired area during sign up at the map on the bottom of the sign-up page. This will allow you to easily figure out social distancing and employ the safety measures you feel are needed.

We WILL NOT be picking up trash bags along roadsides and are asking that you please bring all trash to three designated dumpsters that will be distributed throughout the city between April 17th-25th (additional details will be emailed out in early April).

Please know your group members' t-shirt sizes at the time of sign up. Shirts are limited and sizes may vary based on availability.
Once you have signed up, you will be notified by email when your shirts and trash bags can be picked up at City Hall.
Sign up here:

If there are items that are too heavy to pick up, we will ask that you send an email to and we will try to get the items picked up.
If you are willing, we would love to see photos of your earth day t-shirt wearing group with your haul of trash collected from our watersheds! Simply send them to the same email ( ).

Thank you in advance to all who are able to participate in the pickup this year!!
Make sure to stay tuned to the City of Lakeville’s social media or website for participation in our online earth day portion of our event

Co-chairs: Kris Curtin and Amanda Finch

8610 209th St. W.

Lakeville, MN 55044

(952) 469-4660

TAKE PHOTOS! We want to see your girls in action making the world a better place! Please take photos and post to our closed

Facebook Group Lakeville Girl Scouts.