Lakeville Girl Scouts

Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys

EVENTS 2019-2020

Other Girl Scout Events

There are lots of event opportunities for troops and girls!

There are a number of resources you can look to for information on events:

1) Lakeville Girl Scouts each year we hold 8-10 events. All information will be posted on the website, on our Facebook page and Facebook group and discussed at monthly volunteer meetings. Please see the home page (left hand side) for dates and time of volunteer meetings.

2) Troops and individual girls are welcome Girl Scouts from Lakeville are invited to attend and register for Girl Scouts River Valleys events (GSRV, our council). You can search for events by level (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadettes, etc.) and by location. Event registration and payment is all organized through GSRV.

3) We are also invited to certain Service Unit events hosted by other volunteers throughout the year including the Burnsville and Eagan Service Units. This page is where we will list event opportunities. Please contact the volunteers planning the event directly with any questions.

4) Order of the Trefoils website this website lists events available and put on by other Girl Scouts volunteers in the Twin Cities metro area. All registration and information is handled by other service unit volunteers in the Twin Cities.

    How do you register?

    Each event flyer will have information on how to register. Please contact the event volunteers directly for more information.