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New VolunteersFor all new volunteers. Find River Valleys Orientation along with trainings on topics like troop finance, Girl Scout culture, and planning your year.
Group DynamicsLearn tips for effectively managing your troop. Learn how girls of all ages can govern their troops and lead activities.
Girl Scout BasicsLearn about Girl Scout traditions, ceremonies, and more.
Beyond the Troop
For troop leaders leading girls in camping and on trips

Volunteer Essentials

 Sharing Unique Gifts

Your Role as a Girl Scout Volunteer

Evaluating Your Skills

Learning Opportunities + Required Training

Adult Awards + Recognition

 What Do Girls Do?

Planning Guide

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience

Leadership Journeys

The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, + Gold Awards

Girl Scout Traditions

Girl Scout Trips

Council-Sponsored Program Events

 Engaging Girls

Arranging a Time + Place for Girl Led Meetings

Understanding Healthy Development in Girls

Creating a Safe Space for girls

Arranging Meetings with Parents/Guardians or Friends-and-Family Network

Focus on Abilities (Not Disabilities)


 Knowing Your Responsibilities

Knowing How Many Volunteers You Need

Transporting Girls

Approaching Activities

Providing Emergency Care

Sleeping Arrangements for Troop + Service Unit Events

Using + Accessing the Safety Activity Checkpoints

Certificate of Insurance

 Managing Finances

 Establishing an Account

Helping Girls Reach their Financial Goals

Money-Earning Basics

Collaborating with Sponsors + Other Organizations


Troop Sponsorship

Financial + Sales Abilities by Grade Level

Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity

Product Sales: Financial Literacy + the Girl Scout Leadership

 Policies + Practices

 Definition of a Volunteer

Volunteers' Rights & Responsibilities

Climate + Safety

Discriminatory Harassment Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Conflict Management Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy


 Shops + Camp Hours, Locations + Closures

Event Guides

Are you looking for fun ways girls can get together in your service unit or troop?

Use our event guides to plan events that will bring girls together to learn new skills, earn badges and awards, and have fun!

After choosing the guide for the event you would like to offer, get started with these event planning basics:

Equipment Check Out

Volunteers can check out or rent program kits and other equipment from GSRV service centers for activities with girls. Use this form to reserve items, and contact your local service center for any questions about items or their availability.

  • Award, Ceremony + Presentation Supplies
  • Camping Supplies
  • Cookie + Product Sale Items
  • Flags + Banners
  • Inclusion Resources
  • Other Resources
  • Sports + Outdoor Equipment
  • OTTER Kits
  • Program Kits
  • Approved Vendors

    These vendors meet security and safety guidelines from River Valleys, and are approved for use by our troop leaders and volunteers. If there is not approved vendor in your area or if you have other questions, contact River Valleys for assistance.

    Approved Bus Companies

    Approved Horse Stables

    Field Trip Opportunities